30.11.2020Family Offices, Cat Bonds, Fund Selection & “In Nature’s Casino” (Interview – Martin Friedrich, Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbH)
16.11.2020Family Offices, Incubators, Property Direct Investments versus REITs? Interview with Martin Friedrich, Lansdowne Partners Austria GmbHRefire
08.10.2020Hidden Champions, FONDSTIQUE, “Full-Service-investment companies” Golf Course & Socializing (Interview – Andreas Hausladen, HANSAINVEST)
16.09.2020Value versus Growth, Commodities, India, Youth and Inner Peace (Interview – Alex Rauchenstein, SIA Funds AG)
05.05.2020Value Investing, “Value versus Price” and the Importance of Family Offices as Investors (Interview & Webinar, 7.5.2020 – Stefan Rehder)
29.04.2020Ownership Approach, Business Schools, Behavioural Finance & more (Interview – Christian Freischütz)
28.04.2020Seed money, Theodor Fontane and the resilience factor… (Interview – Norbert Wolk)
22.04.2020Value Investing, Aristoteles, Fund Selection & Ownership Approach (Interview & Webinar, 23.4.2020 – Dominikus Wagner)
20.04.2020„We also see ourselves as a kind of ESG boutique; many fund boutiques in the segment will be presenting themselves in Cologne in the area of fund selection“ (Interview – Anton Bonnländer)
14.04.2020„Germany is the most influential and attractive market for the Liechtenstein fund industry after Switzerland, which uses Liechtenstein as its gateway to the domestic market“ (Interview – David Gamper)
02.04.2020Comment: Fund boutiques, private label funds and investment companies – Digital beats analogue?IPE
26.01.2020Commodity Equities, Asset Management and Mannheim (Presentation, 29.1.2020, Interview – Urs Marti)
29.09.2019„Family offices, private bankers and HNWIs also like to discuss topics such as asset allocation, product selection, fund boutiques and sustainability“IPE
23.09.2019Comment: Fund boutiques, private label funds and investment companies – investors and the art of harmonious
16.09.2019Comment: Family offices and fund boutiques – ESG, crypto-currency and the role of investment companies as incubators (Markus Hill)
21.06.2019„The Family Office view: Entrepreneurs understand entrepreneurs and like to invest in entrepreneurs“IPE
15.04.2019„As one of the leading multi-family offices, we have geared our services in the area of investments to the initial situations of our clients“ (Interview – Rainer Herber)
21.03.2019Comment: Family offices and fund boutiques – off-market deals and face-to-face versus start-up and digitisation? (Markus Hill)
18.03.2019“We see ourselves as a kind of family office for the social and health care industry” (Interview – Anton Bonnländer)
18.02.2019„Family offices think independently and value the expertise of multipliers and fund boutiques“ (Interview – Markus Hill)
28.01.2019„Marcel Fratzscher and Thilo Sarrazin, Friedrich Merz, fund boutiques, Smart Beta, AIFs, SRI and more – the funds‘ congress offers a pleasant variety of topics“ (Interview – Markus Hill)IPE
07.01.2019„The USA has the world’s largest investable real estate market with high transparency, liquidity and legal certainty“ (Interview – Dr. Patrick Adenauer)
22.11.2018„One often finds different perspectives on due diligence here with family offices, foundations, and classic institutional investors“IPE
11.04.2018Comment: Frankfurt Spring & Investors – Events, Fressgass and Value
25.02.2018Comment: Fund boutiques and family offices – Hermann Hesse and the „USA approach”